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Fatigue - F, Chronic Fatigue - CF, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - CFS, Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome - CFIDS tell us about the physical condition of the internal environment of the organism, which exhibits itself in lack of energy to perform work in a given period of time.

The causes can be found in a person's internal environment, which is related to the decreased dynamics of the physical (body), psychological (emotions) and spiritual (mind) energy system of a person, projected into the entire immune system's active ability in a certain time sequence. Fatigue is a common physiological reaction of the organism to stress, physical exertion and psychological pain. It protects the organism from total breakdown. If, after resting, the feeling of strength and vitality does not return, something is wrong. In that case the visit of a specialist is possible to analyse the condition the person is currently in and to look for remedy. Forty energetically active points are measured. Their values are recorded and evaluated with the ADA software.

Diagnostic output:

Determination of the basic transitional energy phase of the person measured (patient, athlete, working person, children students, seniors) - hyperactivity, hypoactivity, chaos, harmony - in the form of a table or graph. The total time needed for the diagnosis is one hour, of which the actual ADA measuring takes from 2 - 5 minutes. If needed it is repeated up to four times.

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