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Offer for doctors, therapists, masseurs, physiotherapists, psychologists and other workers in public health:
Take advantage of chance and proof Enegretic diagnostics ARTTEST - EDA right in your branch.

For the interested public there is the thematically prepared website www.icpa-vvz.eu, Energy diagnostics ARTTEST - EDA section, containing information about the subject, such as an article on the subject:

  • Diagnostics of actual transitional energetic condition of human organism - condition & energetic diadnostics - Energetic diagnostics ARTTEST – EDA®
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – CFS
    • Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome – CFIDS
    • Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity = Electrophobic Psychosomatic Syndrome
    • Idiopathic Environmental Intoleration – IEI

The article is thematically divided into four parts. The first part provides information about the new diagnostic method - Energy diagnostics - Energy diagnostics ARTTEST - EDA®. It looks at what it can do, how to quickly, simply and non-invasively determine patient's current transition energy condition, transfer the measured data into a computer and evaluate them. The second part explains the condition and the effect of the human energy systems on the dynamics and the suppression of the energy processes. The third part is dedicated to the connections and the classification of a patient's energy output into four phases - harmony, chaos, hyperactivity and hypoactivity. The last part of the article presents examples from practice, specifies the options and the use of energy diagnostics - Energy diagnostics ARTTEST - EDA® in the process of prevention, protection and support of human health. To display the entire article - click here.
Download whole article in czech language here.

Realized conferences for interested public:

  • 2005 ICMART, International medical symposium, Prague
  • 2005 FN - Hr. Králové, Rehabilitative clinic
  • 2006 Karlovy Vary, conference for doctors and medical staff made in co-operation with MUDr. L. Špišák, CSc.
  • 2007 Faculty of military public health, UO, Institute of radiobiology

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