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MUDr. Radomír Růžička, CSc.
judge advocate in the health field and laser therapy

"His detailed knowledge and deep processing of the subject, this is a unique work. This is the original Czech method complements existing diagnostic methods, in which is its major contribution. This makes the work of a pioneering and extremely serious for the whole of medicine."

MUDr. Anna Galambošová
specializes in occupational medicine and acupuncture

Energy diagnosis ARTTEST - EDA® is non-invasive, does not the organism is and, in quick, cheap, easy and not-crushing.

Ing. Eduard Prchal
Research and Test Aero Institute in Prague

Energy diagnosis ARTTEST - EDA® is technically based on the apparent impedance monitoring of human alternating signal 1kHz. Resulting graphical map of the measured values of apparent impedance allows the state to assess the dynamics of the living human oganism within his unit and to establish peace hypo-activity, hyperactivity, confusion or optimum, as I see the main contribution and novelty Energy ARTTEST diagnosis.

Mgr. Dagmar Adamová
specializes in low-frequency pulse magnetotherapy

Energy diagnosis ARTTEST - EDA® can save substantial amounts of funding for the inefficient and costly equipment, or untimely treatment.

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