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Monitoring of actual transitional energy condition of environment of human organism - HARMONY - CHAOS - HYPERACTIVITY - HYPO-ACTIVITY - location energy period during fatigue diagnostics, chronic diagnostics, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, electromagnetic hypersensitiveness, idiopatic intolerance to environment etc.


Why should you come?

  1. Do you know how fast you can simply determine the current transitional energy condition of your patient? Answer: In one hour? In one day? In one week? In six months? Wrong. In just six minutes! Come and see.

  2. Do you have a hard time determining the potential of athletes, workers in manufacturing or managers of large companies?
  3. Are you interested in the effect of applied chemical pharmaceuticals, homeopathic medicine, stress, as well as any activity?
  4. Do you know in which energy phase your patient/client is?
  5. Do you need to find out energetic reaction of your patient/client to applied therapy?
  6. Do you want familiarize with the newest trends in prevention, support and protection of health, science, research and medicine which allow document an actual energy condition of your patients/clients by the help of new original diagnostic method - Enegretic diagnostic ARTTEST - EDA?

Now even you can have the unique opportunity to try in person the new diagnostic xmethod, Energy diagnostics ARTTEST - EDA and decide whether to include it among your favourite diagnostic methods.

Extras! Are you interested in noninvasive medical methods outgoing from interactions of electromagnetic fields? Just for you are we ready show surprise in conclusion the congress!

Why should you speak?

Experts from around the world are interested in your experience. They are interested in hearing how you diagnose fatigue, chronic fatigue, chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, idiopathic environmental intolerance, electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Share your experience and help in giving it to the young emerging generation. Maybe your contribution will help in moving scientific knowledge forward and will help in alleviating human pain and suffering. Thank you.

Why should you measure?

Energy diagnostics - Energy diagnostics ARTTEST - EDA® offers a reliable, professional, diagnostic system, which enables:

  • quick overview of the native energy condition of a human being,
  • tabular and graphical expression of the internal environmental of a human being,
  • biometric data archiving,
  • statistical comparison of several measuring sessions,
  • determination of the basic transitional energy phase of the person measured - harmony - chaos - hyperactivity - hypoactivity,
  • communication among specialists
  • printing of the protocol with the patients' biometric data,
  • objectivisation of subjective patient testimonies,
  • forecast of the further development of disease,
  • forecast of the condition of the organism,
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the applied therapy.
Why You?

If not you, who else? If not now, when?

You have the opportunity to meet and speak with experts, who are ready to listen to you. The world-wide economic crisis is reflected itself in a crisis of economic opportunities and expectations, but especially in a crisis of moral values. The development of society and also of our freedom is deeply rooted in the knowledge, trust, and friendship offered by meeting people.

  • Meet research workers who developed or tested new original method practically;
  • You will be able to personally try the new diagnostic method;
  • Work with familiar and targeted public
  • Extend your piece of knowledge how professionally diagnose fatigue, enforcement and dynamism energy systems of yout patients/clients
  • Your name will be in all distributed brochures;

Become an expert in energy diagnostics, Energy diagnostics ARTTEST - EDA® in your country.

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